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About Beulah Investment Group

Founders John & Teresa Kimber

Beulah Investment Group was founded by real estate Investors John and Teresa Kimber, with the purpose of providing surplus and residual income for the layman and silent investors. To obtain this goal we strategically target markets investment criteria for residential and commercial sales in conjunction we purchase properties that can be renovated for management or resale.

We look forward to working with you whether you’re an investor or just want to own your first home contact us today  @678-909-6166

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John Kimber
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Teresa Kimber

Professional Business Strategies

Beulah Investment Group’s “Dream B.I.G” mantra is more than an abbreviated symbol, it is the strategies this company was founded on. John and Teresa established a destination plan for this business by creating multiple streams of income within this one company by offering many different services to our consumers which allows us to stand out as a business.

Sales & Real Estate

It is key here at Beulah Investment Group that we build and strengthen our relationships by keeping in touch with all our clients, more than likely they will continue business with us because of familiarity and receiving great customer service. Our company knows our Why, which is our driving force in real estate. We set goals and constantly challenge ourselves to develop new and innovative ideas that establish our performance that indicates our steps of action.

We Are Leaders In Our Industry

Here at Beulah Investment Group, we welcome the opportunity to serve our community and abroad. Our company believes that business management is a key component of great leadership. It is as equally important for leaders to provide the vision as the actions needed to carry out the vision to completion. Beulah Investment Group believes that with vision, inspiration accompanied by listening this company will be unstoppable in the real estate industry.

We Love Our Clients

Beulah Investment Group has taken on all of the day to day transactions for its investors. With over 30 years in the business of real estate and reaching higher goals of investing while maximizing their proficiency. Our company is truly passionate about Real estate and diversifying the financial portfolio of each of its investors. They also get to make others’ dreams of homeownership a reality while aiding in others’ quest for financial freedom.

Renovation & Purchases

Beulah Investment Group helps our first-time buyer realize that the home that checks all of their boxes may be found in an older home with renovations. Usually, first-time buyers are on a budget however they still want the home of their dreams.

Because of that fact they are open to purchasing a home that may need some renovations to get them close to having that perfect dream home without the high price tag. Homes that need renovations usually are priced less per square footage than a brand new home.

Beulah Investment Group understands that renovations can be overwhelming however we take on all of the renovation details for our clients to make their experience a little easier.

Getting the right type of mortgage loan is key, there are many different types of loans such as FHA 203, VA Renovation loan, Home Style, Choice Renovation loan are both loans by Fannie Mae.

There are some pros and cons to renovating, some of the pros are:

  • designing to your specific taste,
  • an increase in home value,
  • less cost in renovating
  • and repairs versus new construction.

Some cons are:

  • they can be time-consuming
  • and sometimes there are unforeseen issues that lie dormant within the home and couldn’t be seen by the inspector during the house inspection.

Property Management

Beulah Investment Group also takes pride in the management of our clients’ properties.

We handle all responsibilities of a Property Manager such as determining the prices of all rental property, preparing the units that are available for leasing, rental advertisement, prescreening all potential tenants, creating and enforcing the teams of the lease, handling all tenant issues.

We will also collect all rent and respond to maintenance issues. We here at Beulah Investment Group want to ensure and exceed satisfactory results.

We look forward to working with you whether you’re an investor or just want to own your first home contact us today at 678-909-6166